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Track By Tracks: Foul Body Autopsy - Consumed By Black Thoughts (2020)

1. Creating the music:

Creating the music for consumed by black thoughts was pretty simple I would usually start with the chorus and write the rest of the song using that same chord sequence. For example, the song “like a phantom of the heart” is based around the same three chords. Once I had a main riff, pre chorus & chorus with basic drum and bass tracks I would then begin to work on adding melody’s, keyboard parts and start to perfect the rhythm section. From that point I would begin to work on the arrangement until I was happy with the end result.

2. Recording the music:

I recorded this record in my home studio this EP has also become my first attempt at making a hybrid record. Half the music being electronic and the other half being organic.So for example the Drums, Bass, and Keyboards are all sampled.But all the rhythm, lead, and acoustic guitars are real and recorded with Blackstar amps and multiple microphones and obviously the vocals are all real. I then sent the stems to the amazing Russ Russell who then mixed and mastered everything!

3. Lyrical Themes:

Vicious Cycles (Feeding Off Themselves) Vicious Cyclesdeals with the fear of coming out of remission into another crisis but also realising that you can’t keep ignoring the problem. Basically, it’s about finally giving up trying to constantly cope without any treatment and finally asking for help.

4. Like A Phantom Of The Heart:

Like A Phantom Of The HeartIs the ballad of this record, the lyrical theme revolves around unrequited love and toxic entanglements and how ultimacy you end up being miserable. But it’s also a warning against becoming so fixated on one thing you exclude everything else and forgetting to just enjoy life.

5. My Liberation In Death:

Was written during a bad bout of depression and I found myself thinking about death pretty much contently. So, the song is me trying to express what dealing with depression is like for me.

6. Consumed By Black Thoughts:

The lyrics for Consumed By Black Thoughts deal with struggling with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety have this incredible ability to make to feel completely worthless. Your internal monolog becomes a nasty little voice constantly trying to convince you that you’re one of the worst person to every have lived.

7. Trapped In The Shadow Of Fear:

Trapped In The Shadow Of Fear is another song about being in remission but living with the fear that any day you could end up in another crisis and all the way back to square one.

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