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Track By Tracks: Ivan - Silver Screens (2020)

1. Silver Screens: 

Silver Screens is a metaphor which describes the relationship one has with depression, exhaustion, and coming to terms with your place in the universe while watching the world go by. 

2. The Winds Will Scream: 

The Winds Will Scream encompasses the thought process of a psychotic episode, wherein the protagonist follows their memories of every experience they've ever had, and the grandiosity of these thoughts propel them into a god-like reverence for themselves. 

3. Underneath The Tapestry: 

It's about an individual looking into a lake, underneath a night sky and seeing their own reflection which causes a contemplation of their place in the world. 

4. Crystalline: 

Crystalline is our vision for a shiny, forward moving outro to our album.

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