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Track By Tracks: Lethian Dreams - A Shadow Of Memories (2020)

1. Never Be Found:

Is the last song we wrote for this album and it ended up being placed as first song. 

Matthieu's ebow and haunting's clean guitar make such a good opening, it gives a glimpse to what's coming. 

The lyrics are taken from a poem of Arthur Symons and they are so desparate. The soft voices in your head constantly repeating that you were maybe lied to. The realisation of this betrayal makes one lose his mind. 

2. Tidal: 

The song depicts someone struggling with depression and every side of it. The confusion, the sadness, the anger, the need of isolation from others. Yet, somewhere you find solace in nature's strength. This song needs to be felt more than to be explained. You can let yourself guide with the lyric video and let your emotions flow. 

3. Mist of Memories:

A mist memories that prevents you to go further than your sadness and regrets. 

4. You Say:

You say is a conversion between two people drowned into their melancholy. They talk to each other but they don't really hear each other. They think they have divergeances but they are actually the same. 

You say was composed already in 2014, we weren't sure at first if we'd make it feature on this album but in the end this song has found its way in and we're glad about it. 

5. Only A Past:

Only A past has such a beautiful and sad ending, my heart breaks everytime when the last part comes in, at around 4 minutes. « My future ended yesterday I have only a past on this side of the grave » 

6. You Silence:

It's probably the somber song from the album. A cloud of darkness comes hanging above you at the second it starts. The heaviness makes it almost funeral.   

7. And Hollow:

It starts softly, the mood reminds me somehow of the first period of The Third and The Mortal (Their album « Tears Laid in Earth »). 

I love how this song comes appeasing the heaviness of the previous track.
I recorded the end very approximatively as one track acoustic guitar and voice, just to show the idea to Matthieu who had already written and recorded the guitars you hear in the first part of the song. 

When I wanted to re-record it more properly, I could never get to same atmosphere again. There was something about recording it careless that had enhanced the feel, so I ended up using this demo recording in the mix. It makes a good outro. « All is over now ». 

The title of the album « a shadow of memories » expresses the looming presence of your own thoughts, the burden of your mind that will take you down : regardless of how you feel, this shadow is there, biding its time, and you have to live with it.

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