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Track By Tracks: Marche Funebre - Einderlicht (2020)

Einderlicht is the end result of several years of work. Although as a band we don't feel like we changed our musical course, we do feel we reached another milestone in our career as musicians and as a collective of musicians (being Marche Funèbre). The songwriting improved. There is more cohesion, while the different influences are distinctively audible. We also went in the studio with a different guitar sound in mind. We spent quite some time searching and debating the sound we were looking for, and found the ideal combination of amps. Vocal wise we spent more attention to details and dual vocals to get an even more diverse spectrum in the vocal lines.

1. Scarred:

A song with a long history of writing and rewriting, over and over again... The main idea for this track was originally written back in 2016 by Kurt just after breaking up with his partner (and mother of his two kids). However, it was only until three years later - in the meantime the band released one full length and two EP's - the song got its definite shape, and we deemed it fit to be the opening track. However, it still needed an intro in order to be the opening track. In great contrast with the rest of the song, the intro to the song was written while in the studio and took no more than 1 hour to nail it. Likewise, the first lead on the song (and on the album) was finalized in the studio. Having said that, we couldn't have hope for a better result.

Musically Scarred brings the eclectic approach we have always unconsciously wielded, and takes you from more delicate parts over epic doom melodies to catchy headbanging riffs.

2. The Eye of the End:

When we first started writing this song, it kicked off with a very traditional doom vibe which was good, but left most of us in the band craving for something else. The end result: an uptempo nasty death metal kick-off which changes the vibe of the song entirely without losing the doom metal melancholy. Add in some melodies, some black metal vibe and one doom-as-fuck riff and you get a recognisable MF-song!

3. When All Is Said:

Apparently the longest song on the album, however we never choose to make long songs. It just happens. In this track you'll find classical doom/black metal/post rock and heavy metal influences. We can't help it. Besides that, this is the most doom song on the album that you'll find. We chose this song as the first single of the song ( because we felt it captured most of the ideas Marche Funèbre present: clean parts, melodic parts, slow doomy parts and changing dynamics. The video was done by our friend Razvan from Romanian doom band Abigail!

4. The Maelstrom Mute:

The most catchy song on the album and one without grunts at all. Arne does only clean singing which suits the track perfectly. If you haven't seen the clip yet, go check it out! It was recorded during the live session for Festiviral. For this occasion the city permitted us to play in an old monastery which is now being used as the local library. Pretty awesome!

5. Deformed:

A song almost entirely written by Boris. (Did you know he plays guitar as well? Check out Soul Dissolution if you haven't already.) This track combines raw energy with melodic and clean parts to make it - again - a diverse but fierce song. I guess for the listener this might be a surprise.

6. Einderlicht:

Definitely the most fragile and complex piece of music we have ever written, thanks to Peter for laying out the general lines for this composition. Adding the Dutch vocals to it was a decision not easily made (since we are so used to having English vocals) but we gave it a shot, and stood by it. In our ears, the perfect ending to the album.

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