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Track By Tracks: Metalriff - Under My Skin (2020)

1. Blood And War:

Blood and War is a direct message against the lucrative business of war, which benefits the great powers that be, who through politics, religion and the media, make people believe that they are enemies, justifying his acts of war.

2. Under My Skin:

Under my Skin expresses the feeling of anger, pain and revenge that many people carry with them, due to their frustrations, painful memories and mistreatment suffered throughout their lives.

3. From Saint To Demon:

From Saint to Demon is about the changes that human beings experience as they grow older, this is mainly due to the selfish, consumerist and individualistic lifestyle that prevails in societies, causing each person to change the purity of their early years for feelings and more negative actions.

4. The Emptiness:

The Emptiness tells the story of an individual who is on the verge of suicide, due to many memories that haunt him day by day, this has led him to a state of loneliness and deep sadness, where death is the only way to his salvation, without first asking forgiveness from those close to you

5. The Borderline:

The Borderline expresses the reality that occurs every day at border crossings to nations with more power and supposed opportunities, where those who manage to enter these nations, if they do not have economic power, will probably end up being rejected and stigmatized.

6. Puppets And Clowns:

Puppets and Clowns summarizes how politics are currently in each nation in the world, the only thing they seek is power and increase their egos, which they achieve through lies and populist discourses, mainly focused on weak and needy people.

7. Don´t be Afraid to Die:

Don´t be Afraid to Die tells the story of an individual who speaks to his elderly father on his deathbed, recriminating his abandonment and lack of affection, he knows that his father must pay for his sins, but finally tells him to die in peace, who will forgive him despite everything.

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