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Track By Tracks: Mørk Hest - Unsound Despair (2020)

1. Intro:

The idea behind the intro was to set the mood and induce a level of hype for the rest of the record. 

2. Forlorn:

The creation of Forlorn was a mere accident, in the sense that I had just happened to discover it one day looking through my old computer files. I then stitched together what I could, adding the drums and vocals, creating what is now heard on the EP. The song itself is about the complete loss of oneself and the utter abandonment of all hope. 

3. Broken:

Broken is about the endless struggle of a veteran who lost his best comrade in war. The lyrics describe his feelings and the years of pain that he had suffered for his comrade, only to lose him, making all of the pain they endured together, pointless to him. It goes on until finally, it describes the last moments of the character, in which he commits suicide by slitting his wrists. All for the purpose of hopefully meeting his brother again. 

4. Unsound Despair:

The fourth track, Unsound Despair, is set in the dark ages where a lone knight is confronted by an overwhelming supernatural force. A corrupt and evil possessive spirit that manages to dominate the knight's consciousness. Quickly destroying whatever mortal identity the poor sod once knew and bringing his soul back to a hellish realm, a place he was cursed to forever remain. 

5. Relentless Hatred:

Finally, the EP ends with the track Relentless Hatred. A song that lyrically contains the chant of a mischievous being that wishes to call upon dark warlike gods, in an attempt to annihilate his enemies and to take their souls.

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