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Track By Tracks: NOCTURN - Like A Seed Of Dust (2020)

1. The Wrath In Bloodied Wings:

The wraith in bloodied wings is about bringing the beloved one back from the dead. It's a tale of love, death, regrets and paradoxal fulfillment.

2. Pandaemonium:

Pandaemonium takes place in World War 1, and is an extrapolation of my grand-grandfather experience, with the loss of his brother during a charge. But this song is before anything a tribute to all the ones who fought bravely, suffered or died during this war.

3. La Belle:

La Belle is a song about the place taken by work in huge companies on your lifetime and on your own sanity.

4. Infernale:

Infernale is a story about a someone wandering in the limbs, at the horizon of events, facing unexpected adversity in eternal fights.

5. Liberhate:

Liberhate speaks about a civil war. The storyteller is a simple guy who didn't involved in any side but finished jailed. The message is beware of political bullshit and fake prophets.

6. Like A See Of Dust:

Like a seed of dust deals with suicidal depression and opening the eyes on reasons to struggle and face the future.

7. I See Back From Hell:

I see Back from Hell as a sequel of Infernale. It's the story of a soul escaped from Heavens, where angels are elites that only feed with of human souls, and God created and brood mankind on that only purpose. He starts to hate both the living and the dead worlds and wanders forever, restless. This text may be read in other ways.

8. Under The Darkest Sea:

Under the darkest sea is a song about feeling to come from another world and the cure to peace of mind.

9. Instant d'éternite:

Instant d'éternité talks about the artificial paradises and the wounds they inflict 10 Wasted Earth takes place in the future more or less distant. The surface of the Earth is inhabitable, the lucky ones left into space, and the rest of humanity lives under the ground, under the pragmatic tyranny of the machines. The path to hope is strewn with pitfalls.

11. Odyssey:

Odyssey is about humanity conquering space, trying to find new worlds to live in, wielding the hopes of billions of people starving on the Earth. Success awaits for those who will reach new lands, but death awaits for those who fail. This is a song of hope, shining from beyond despair.

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