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Track By Tracks: The Sunrise - Brand New Disorder (2020)

1. 432 Hz:

This is the intro of the album, it’s an ambient track made by repetitive sounds and creepy cries of children; inside there are some “easter-eggs” for devote listeners but we’ll not spoiler them. This kind of malaise that we want to transmit has the function to prepare the auditor to the core theme of the album that’s represented by a distorted and utopian reality. 

2. Storm:

The “real” first track is Storm, the story of a woman who talks about her inner discomfort like it was a storm; the text is an invocation for help addressed to those who are listening to it, the role of this woman is fundamental for us cause of she is going to take part to the whole album. 

3. Gasoline:

It’s the first step for the act of revolution against this corrupted society; it’s like a mantra that burns inside the hero’s eyes that helps him to rise-up and fight for his life and freedom. The melodic obstinate that repeats itself says: “ gasoline I will burn inside and I can’t take more, all these fairy tales will bind my mind, won’t go on…” represents the memorandum that the leading actor tells itself to move on. 

4. Run:

Run is the ballad-style track we have written to split the two parts of this album, during this melancholic song we can listen about someone who is in a really emotional contrast between the will to conform itself to the rest of the world around him or to accept to be fated to be different. 

5. Wake-Up:

Is the real riot where the leading actor has made his choice and he is starting the fire that the other participants will catch and follow to light their lives up without fear and hesitation. This is the track that turns the story from a passive point of view to an active perspective of disclosure to the world of the fight sign: “…this is a wake-up call, open your eyes and realize you’re not gone, this is a call to arms, end of these days is not already come…” 

6. Ghosts:

Here is the point when we resume the story of the woman from Storm; now she is fighting against her nightmares with open eyes that she keeps to revive again and again in loop without being able to get out. She sees frightening monsters and figures manifest on his way and in his house feeling immobilized with no possibility of escape feeling the darkness envelop her almost as if it were a state of mental detachment that leads her to go crazy. 

7. The Climber:

Inside this track we describe the society we mean during moment of relapse. We imagine the stereotype of the defenseless citizen being given a magic potion to enslave him, this repetitive and syncopated song is the recipe of that potion that we sing along as a symbol of brainwashing. 

8. Lady Shame:

This track sees as the protagonist the girl of Storm who, escaped from her madness, is forced to face her main fear: the ignorance, that taking shape reaches her closer and closer like a beautiful woman who slowly melts in front of her until she disappears, thus marking the end of the nightmare after which the protagonist wakes up aware of herself. 

9. Un-Rise:

Now the introduction is resumed, bringing the listener back into a state of anxiety dictated by the passage of the time and the distressing melody of a carrion on which the crying of an infant alternates with the labored breathing of the protagonist awakened from the nightmare until total silence dictated by the turning-off of the radio that had broadcast everything.

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