Track By Tracks: Thanatopsis - Initiation (2020)

While it is not a concept album, I would say that the underlying theme for our debut album “Initiation” is corruption. The album consists of the following songs:

1. The Age of Silence:

This song is about a politician that lies and subsequently has his tongue removed. 

2. Embodiment:

This song is about a search for faith that ends in despair.

3. Consequence:

This song is about corporations that eliminate population for monetary benefit. 

4. Malfated:

This song is about the infiltration of a sacrificial cult.

5. Initiation:

The title track - this song is about the infiltration of a gang.

6. Your Demise:

This song is about exacting revenge.

7. Grim:

This is a song about overcoming adverse circumstances.

8. Suffersystem:

This song is about rebelling against oppressive forces.

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