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Track By Tracks: They Called Him Zone - IF YOU’VE GOT A TASTE FOR TERROR (2020)

1. Devil Dying:

A track inspired by Alan Parker’s neo-noir psychological horror film ‘Angel Heart’ (1987) - and Louis Cyphre.

2. Just Fall:

Loss when there’s nothing left to lose. Love when you have no love left. it’s easier to go with the loss and just fall.

3. In Heaven:

If David Lynch and Nick Cave had a child who lived alone in a dark forest and wrote a song – this would probably be it.

4. Authority:

A song that creeps up on you like the mist on a black lake – ‘5 in 1’ styled bass riff couple with a Depeche Mode inspired chorus, political and angry… focused. 

5. Die Clean:

Comes at you in a thudding guitar haze - the lyric was inspired by the death of Lemmy (Motorhead) – one thing he obviously didn’t do was ‘Die Clean’.

6. I Want Love:

Stylised, hooky. inspired by The Stone Roses song ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ – I Want Love was originally released 2019 and the controversial being banned from YouTube, now re-worked and re-mastered for this release.

7. I Get Excited:

If Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) wrote a song, this wouldn’t be it. Chewed up bass synth combined with Spaghetti Western guitars. Good. Bad and twisted.  
8. Death Drive:

Inspired by Freud’s ‘death drive’ psychological theory– this is a love letter to the late David Bowie’s film ‘The Hunger’.

9. Sunset Beach:

Originally written when Mik visited California in 2007 and hung out in Death valley - it took 13 years for this song to reach full circle. Psychedelic, gothic, sexy and driving.”

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