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Band Biographies: ALLEYWAY

Alleyway, formed in the sewers of Oshkosh, WI by Nick, Josh and Andy, has been gaining a following by playing fast paced rock n’ roll in the speed metal vein since 2012. 

Influenced by Motörhead, Demon and the Misfits, their first album of fast alcoholic punk & rock n’ roll came out in 2013 called No Last Call. 

“Alleyway have a sound that goes right back to the (real) birth of Rock n Roll, with Link Wray slashing his amplifier in some piss-soaked seedy Boston pub and starting off that quest for pure awesome volume.” - War On All Fronts zine from Ireland. 

After a small east coast tour in May of 2014, Josh left the band later that year and Dave was asked to join in 2015. After playing shows in the summer the band was sidelined due to injuries. With the nothing’s going to stop us mentality they kept writing songs and their second album Let’s Get Destroyed was written. Released in Spring 2016 they embarked on another east coast tour immediately. 

Following the tour the band sat down and started writing the third album Crime Scene, while still playing shows all around the state of Wisconsin. After another east coast tour in November 2017 following the release of Crime Scene the band decided to straighten up a little. The partying was starting to take control. The new attitude reinvigorated the band and they were playing with the likes of Thor, Diamond Head, Hellbringer and Bewitcher. 

After recording After Dark in January 2019, the band focused on getting all of the artwork done for the album and have been focused on finding new avenues on promoting the band and have kept playing shows. Instead of doing another tour they went to Mexico and played two successful shows there with Thunderslave. 
2020 the saga continues...

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