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Behind The Artworks: TWISTED MIST - Orbios (2020)

The color first, mostly red dotted here and there with black. Red represents life, energy and especially blood, the first real inheritance from a parent to their child from birth. Black represents death, nothingness, and completes this duality that we are discussing within Orbios. 

The hand placed there in the center of the artwork is here as an imprint. The imprint is a visual and tangible trace of someone's passage. As a result, it is also very clearly an inspiration from the ancient traces and prehistoric cave paintings that can be found today in caves and other archaeological sites. 

The circle finally, which, surrounding the imprint in the center of the cover, is here like the common thread of the album: Cyclic and without real beginning or end, like an Ouroboros (Serpent that bites itself tail) The choice of these titles drawn between different dialects ranging from Latin to French via Gallic was also to pay homage to this heritage of the past.

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