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Interviews: Qualia

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Rock band, Qualia, from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.Where did you get the idea for the band name?

The idea came from a JRE podcast actually! Qualia is the experience of an experience, the idea being that two individuals could share the same experience but have completely different feelings towards said experience.

2.Why did you want to play this genre?

Our sound is usually a natural reaction to whatever the song calls for. Whether that be metal or pop, we try to commit to a sound for a song without it seeming forced.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed? 

Steve: This is a bit of a tricky one. I've been producing bands and playing drums in bands for a number of years. I had played drums in a band with Nick for a few years when I was around 13, so 12 years ago now? I asked him to be apart of the project when were looking for a second guitarist. Tristan had hired me to produce his solo project 4 years ago and when I decided to become the singer of a band, I asked him to be apart of it. Myke had known Tristan from another project they were in and we met Charlie through mutual friends and hit him up via instagram. 

4. Each band member’s favourite band?

Steve: sorry, for the top 3... Periphery, The 1975, Def Leppard. No particular order

Nick: Black Stone Cherry

Myke: The Plot In You

CJ: Pathogens

Tristan: Avenged Sevenfold, HIM

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?

Steve: My bandmates or whenever I find a new band or production style that I want to try to emulate.

Nick: whatever the current mood may be at the time or running with a lick I accidentally played messing around that I may have thought sounded cool! Myke: Strong emotions or intrusive thoughts.

CJ: Watching drummers that are better than me motivates me to try harder...

Tristan: the constant feeling of needing to find new tones and melodies

6. Where was your last gig?

Home Bar in Arlington Heights, in January I believe.

7. Where would you like to perform?

Hollywood Casino, Tinley Park.

8. Whom would you like to tour with and why?

Avenged, The 1975, Periphery. We've loved their approach to music and branding, so I can think of better people to learn from.

9. Any of you has ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?

Every show. If you're not nervous, in our experience something tends to go wrong. Best way to get over it... Talk to your bandmates, they're probably feeling the same. or CBD.

11. What bands have inspired you the most?

Periphery, The 1975, Motionless in White, Hawthorne Heights, Black Stone Cherry, Def Leppard, Beyonce, the list can go on really haha

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked of you?

"Will you date my daughter"

13. What do you think of your fans?

Without trying to sound pretentious or anything, I guess we try not to view them as fans and more like friends. We feel like our music is very personal and if you happen to connect with it, you understand and connect with us a great deal.

14. Anything else you want to add?

We would just like to thank our team at Word is Bond Inc, Invogue Records, and Glasswall Productions for everything they've done, the countless hours of hard work, late nights away from family and all of our families for their continued support. Thank you so much for your time Mike!

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