Track By Tracks: ARRAYAN PATH - The Marble Gates To Apeiron (2020)

1.The Marble Gates to Apeiron:

Since the album revolves around human nature throughout the ages, I will not keep mentioning it with every song. So, the self-titled song refers to our relationship with the ancient Gods who possibly created us and manipulated us to feed their needs. A portal where you could communicate with them, the entities we used to call Gods! Our planet is on the verge of destruction and people are considering inhabiting other planets in order to survive. Maybe now we need them more than ever! 

2. Metamorphosis:

We have turned a beautiful planet into a timebomb ready to explode. Scientists think that the only way to survive is reducing the population. That could mean a lot of things. Just use your imagination! 

3. Virus:

Covid-19 and all that comes along with it. Death toll, conspiracy theorists, illiterate Facebook doctors who have finally found the means to speak and tell us their… theories… 

4.The Mourning Ghost:
This was inspired by the death of a close relative of mine. However, anyone can relate with this situation of losing someone.
5.To Live another day:

This is like a modern love story but instead of a love ballad through which love stories are usually told, this is from an ‘in-your-face’ yet catchy power metal hymn, reminiscent of the 90’s!
6.The Mask of Sanity:
This is like a fight between reality and the dreamer inside you. This is about me. I have this tendency to drift away and imagine all the ‘what ifs’ of this world, mentally travel all around the world and sometimes the past, trying to manifest all these thoughts and feelings into the now. And of course, there are times when reality hits you in the face and pulls you down. You must fight it inside you and get the best of both worlds.
7.The Cardinal Order:
Papal bulls were letters or scriptures issued by the Pope of the Catholic Church with the sole purpose of directing people to the right path and imposing the Dogma on all sorts of situations. Or so they thought. To give an example, They could issue a Papal bull for a King to stop his adultery and return to his wife. 

8.A Silent Masquerade:
The masks that we wear, be it real, spiritual or subconscious, take the fear away. Anonymity opens people up and helps them be themselves. They are not afraid of humiliation or punishment because nobody knows who they are. At the same time though, hiding behind anonymity can make them evil and obnoxious. Its like a medieval festival where everything is allowed. Good and bad.
9.Black Sails (The Nemean Ode):

Aegeus awaits by a cliff to see his son’s ship return from Crete. His son, Theseus, has just killed the vicious monster Minotaur and was specifically instructed by his father to raise the white sails of the ship if he has survived and his men to raise the black sails if he had died a tragic death. Unfortunately, in all his excitement, Theseus forgets to pull down the black sails and raise the white. His father Aegeus sees the colour of the sails and grief-stricken he falls to his death in the cliff. Since that day we call it the Aegean sea.

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