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Track By Tracks: Bellhead - Sanity Assassin (2020)

1. Sanity Assassin:

After the announcement of the Bauhaus reunion tour last year, we asked our listeners what song we should cover live as a tribute. We took their suggestions to heart, not only performing the track live, but then recording it. “Sanity Assassin” was originally a non-album fan club release with only 300 copies by Bauhaus. We are grateful to our audience. Their likes, comments, shares, messages, enthusiasm at shows, purchases, all the comradery, we are grateful for their feedback. 

Scott Fedor directed BELLHEAD"Sanity Assassin". It took a pandemic to wrestle him away from working on Marvel's Avengers movies to make this bizarre, paranoid, cocaine nightmare of a video perfect for the Halloween season and song. 
In celebration of the new release a very Limited Edition BELLHEAD "Sanity Assassin" line of merchandise is being made available exclusively on Teespring through midnight 11-30-20. These Limited Edition products will not be available ever again! 

The first time BELLHEAD got together we wrote the “Knife”. It’s a bit tightened up from the first draft, but when we wrote that song on the very first day we got together we knew we were onto something exciting. The first realization that this was going to work, and be a fun project was intoxicating with enthusiasm abounded. The song is special to the band as being the mutant genesis of all ideas gong forward. 
This is a remix by BELLHEAD of our song “Knife”. The original version is featured on The ‘Unicorn Bones’ EP which was released earlier in 2020 The remix was first on a limited-run of the Electronic Saviors 6 Prime [ Distortion Productions / Metropolis Records ] A benefit to fight Cancer which sold out quickly and is no longer available. 
Electronic Saviors is a long running industrial compilation to raise money for various cancer organizations such as: Cap For Kids, Bone Marrow Foundation, Gilda's Club, Our Clubhouse, Foundation For Cancer Research and Wellness. Over the span of the Electronic Saviors releases, over $75,000 has been raised. 
After the comp quickly sold out, BELLHEAD wanted to share the song with the fans who may not have been able to purchase the box set, so it was included on this single release. We are thankful to all the fans that helped raise funds to fight cancer.

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