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Track By Tracks: The Myopia Condition - Event Horizon (2020)

1. Event Horizon:

This track was put together by Heath West of Melodious Design, it’s basically a reworked version of an idea that Josh Gould had based off the intro riff to Separation from Classification. It evokes a feeling of tension that builds as it repeats and moves into Separation pretty well. Classic strings album intro haha. 

2. Separation from Classification:

The lyrics in this song revolve around non-conformity, Jose is breaking down the idea that you need to stand in line with everyone else. It’s mostly about finding your own path and being comfortable in your own skin, even if that skin doesn’t fit into the norm. The instruments in this song move around quite dynamically, especially the clean guitar breakdown in the middle. Dave did some wonderfully jazzy leads at that point and it all builds into a pretty epic finish for the song. Greg’s double kicks at the end are insanely fast and technical whilst still keeping the thunderous sound so desired in metal. 

3. Brainwashed:

This song lyrically takes aim at the media, it’s hard to know what to believe anymore which is ironic considering we’re in the “age of information.” It definitely can make a person paranoid. It definitely ties in with the name of the band by telling you to look past what’s right in front of your eyes. Question the status quo, do your best to be informed and don’t just shop for ideas that reinforce your prerogative. The song musically is reminiscent of earlier metal core just with a taste of our signature sound blended in. Simple and to the point with a building momentum. 

4. Afterlife:

Afterlife is a track that touches on karma and the people on this planet that harm others, eventually getting the negative repercussions they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s the easier road in life to be selfish and take the low road, so it’s not surprising humanity has devolved into such individualistic thinking people. The guitar in this song is very relevant to where we are moving instrumentally as a band. Weird dark dissonant riffs, abrupt tight breaks in the rhythms and massive builds into aggressive breakdowns. Definitely a step into what we’re currently working on for new music. 

5. Walk me home:

Jose wrote the lyrics for this track as a kind of self-therapy for us and others who have been in deep depressive states and being afraid to reach out for help from family and friends. A lot of us have been there, some more than others. But in the end, we all must help each other crawl out of those places and move forward. This track is one of the most adrenaline-inducing songs to play instrumentally. It really showcases the band's tightness with speed ridden stops and starts leaving listeners on the edge of their seats, so to say. The guitar harmonies guitar are on point and pretty greasy, it’s overall a speed run of nutty riffs. 

6. Song 9000:

This song got its name from Jose’s inability to find a proper title. So we stuck with the placeholder. It’s a reference to Dragon Ball Z, mainly because the song is savage with a power level of “Over 9000!” This is another track on the album that is a step closer to what we are currently writing instrumentally. The build-up to the guitar tap riff at the end is insane, and it all climaxes with a pretty gnarly breakdown that is sure to get crowds moshing. Lyrically it touches on feelings of self-loathing and overcoming self-doubt. 

7. Empty Room:

This song is simple but epic if that makes sense. Rhythmically it has some pretty basic chugging riffs but it’s what’s added by the rest of the band that makes it powerful. Dave’s leads in this song are unbelievable shred masterpieces. It has a very big death-core vibe, that builds into our signature style breakdown ending. The harmonized screams before the last breakdown have always started some pretty intense mosh pits. Jose speaks about time being the ultimate healer and that the struggles of today will soon be way in the past. 

8. Rotting Soul:

Breakdowns, breakdowns, and more breakdowns… This song is a pretty nasty one riff wise. It starts with a pretty high bpm riff that showcases Greg’s insane drumming ability. But the song quickly takes a sharp left turn into a repeating riff that slowly morphs into a dissonant mess of greasy leads, brutal low vocals, and fill after fill of skillful drum chops. It’s a pretty fucking fun song to play and has always garnered a good crowd response. 

9. Fighting Fables:

This track was the first song we started jamming as a band and quickly made us realize we had some good energy as a band. It has something for every metalhead. Crazy fast double bass, blast beats that’ll rip your heart apart, jaw-dropping dissonant riffs, gut pounding speed bass licks, you name it and it’s got it. Jose really leaves it out on the line with this performance vocally, always captivating the audience with his screams on this song. It’s always been a set ended or encore so it made a lot of sense to put it at the end of the album. Lyrically it’s about facing your inner demons head-on and overcoming them with sheer will.

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