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Band Biographies: Nautical Mile

Consisting of Brodi Owen, Caleb Wynter, Dan Ray, Nick Henrisson and Jake Vimini, Nautical Mile surfaced from Perth, Western Australia in 2016, sharing the stage with bands such as Trophy Eyes and Hawthorne Heights. 2018 saw the release of singles Better Half of Me, A Life Worth Dying For & Regicide to wide acclaim, as well as the band's first national tour. 

2019 took the band to new heights with the release of their debut album The Only Way Is Through, featuring singles Marionette, Shattered and Wake Up. The band toured extensively, including three trips around Australia and supports with Hellions, Senses Fail and Hands Like Houses. Between tours, the band recorded and released a cover of Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul. 

With the disruption bought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic the band spent most of 2020 writing the follow-up record to The Only Way Is Through, with the first of these songs, Purgatory, to be released in November 2020. 

I’ll get the interview question answers back to you soon! Thanks again!

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