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Band Biographies: Slaverty

Slaverty is a Symphonic/Melodic Metal band from Santiago, Chile, formed in 2014 by lead Vocalist Karin Monserrat and by ex-Bassist and actual Manager of the band, George Ugalde. Together, they started using the name "Slaverty" to look for musicians to play on this newly metal project. Some guitarists and drummers came and went, but it was not until Juanjo Ulloa´s arrival that the band started taking it´s official path. Recommended by a friend from George, Juanjo was recruited as Guitarist for the band, bringing the perfect touch of "Metal" sound the band required. By 2015, Karin was taking singing lessons at Verónica Villarroel´s Academy, place where Matías Schwartz (who later became Slaverty´s Keyboardist and Arranger) worked as a Piano Accompanist for the Academy. By that time, the band needed a more melodic approach to enhance Karin´s beautiful voice, so the need to incorporate keyboards and more instruments became essential. After a meeting together with Karin and George, Matías took a first listen to the demo "The Biggest Mistake" and immediately decided to be part of the band to help with instrumentation and additional sounds to the project. One of the first big contacts that George had been trying to enrol since the start of the band was Oscar "Oz" Silva (Drummer) to no avail, but it was around that same time, close to when Matías joined the band, that, after many conversations, Oscar decided to be part of this project, joining Slaverty to offer a powerful and virtuoso sound. The band was almost complete. A last member was needed that could help with additional arrangements and musical production, so another guitarist was scouted, a musician that could add both delightful yet skillful solos to the team, so by Matías´ contact on 2018, Slaverty recruited Edgardo "Soco" Moraga on Guitars. At the beginning of 2020, the band releases its first single and music video"Dementia" which got an honorable mention for the film festival "Santigo Horror". Then, the band released the lyric video for the powerfull song “Dreamcatcher” and after that they decided to release the sweet and sad ballad “Be Free”. During the quarantine of 2020, the band had a meeting with the Italian record label Worm Hole Death, and after many agreements, finally, they signed with them to release their first album called "Beyond Imagination" on November 27, 2020.

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