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Behind The Artworks: Song Of Anhubis - Reversed Reflection (2020)

As can be seen on the brilliant cover illustrated by Francisco Plazas, we believe that there is a duality in everything. That duality involves a "reverse reflection" that is often difficult to detect. A kind face/appearance that hides something dark behind it, or you might even think that the opposite can also happen. This can be found in our daily lives, at work, in the neighbourhood, in religion, in politics, etc. 

You can see the snake approaching the ear of the skeleton as if it were whispering lies, promises, incitements to evil... On the other hand, that snake becomes the umbilical cord of a child still in gestation that in turn is holding the skeleton, symbolizing the choice of who you want to be or the role you want to play within that intrinsic duality that we all have. After all, the choices we make at any given moment define us. So, I think in some ways the life we end up having is a reflection of who we are, with its exceptions of course, this is a huge generalization. 

The melted candle on the skull symbolizes the passage of time, the decisions taken or the irreversibility, while the raven is a being that is usually interpreted as the animal that crosses the barrier of life and death or even the messenger of death. In this case, depending on the culture consulted, its symbolism ranges from the incarnation of evil to a kinder aspect such as it has in Nordic or Celtic mythology, which is a symbol that in itself also represents duality to a certain extent.

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