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Track By Tracks: Days To Come - Animus (2020)

1. Animus:

Justin - “All of the songs on [Animus] were written around the same time. The guys & I were going through individual & collective changes & these songs capture a season of our life. I feel like each song speaks freely & will resonate with those going through similar circumstances. I hope it ultimately speaks encouragement & perseverance." 

2. Wolves:

Justin - “Wolves is about getting out of a negative relationship and I’m thankful that, lyrically, I was able to get that off my chest. I feel like everyone can relate to it to some degree.” 

3. Vultures:

Justin - “We live in a unique culture. So much is said online and truth seems to be cast aside if it’s not what someone wants to hear. Vultures is about believing in what you know to be true & sticking with it even though others may disagree with you.” 

4. Ashes:

Justin - “Ashes is about letting go of the negative & moving on. It can be a negative experience, relationship, or circumstance. Too often, we get stuck in the past & those feelings hold us back from truly moving forward.” 

5. The Forgotten:

Justin - “A few years ago, a friend of mine committed suicide & The Forgotten is about focusing on the time we have with each other and making the most of that time. We live & act as if we’re promised tomorrow, but we’re not.“

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