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Track By Tracks: Luna In Sanguinem - Global Bloodbath (2020)

1. Hunter Killer:

This song I wrote taking Influence from real life artificial intelligence and military weapons technology, the warnings from the deceased Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk if these technological advances ever look at humans as a plague to the Planet. Also the lyrics are influenced by the classic Terminator sci-fi movies. 

2. Killed By The Dead Hand:

A brief explanation From Wikipedia follows, “The purpose of the Dead Hand system, as described in the book of the same name, was to maintain a second-strike capability, by ensuring that the destruction of the Soviet leadership would not have prevented the Soviet military from releasing its weapons.” This is what I wrote the song about and a potential World War with Russia and USA involving nuclear weaponry and assured mutual destruction. 

3. Perfect Neighbor:

This is a song based on 'the local headbanger' who is such a nice guy that no one would suspect that in reality he is a brutal local murderer; who has all the dead bodies buried in his basement. This is loosely based on the idea of John Wayne Gacy who no one ever suspected. In my version he is a modern metal head that is so helpful and polite when not out killing. 

4. Angel Wings:

This song I wrote as our most brutal version of the Viking 'Blood Eagle'. It has been done before in metal, but not like this. 

5. Far From The Light:

This I wrote as our vampire song, but from the side of the hunters looking to save humanity from the vampires who, in my version, are directly born of Hell's fires and they come from the shadows. Our vampires are beasts with nothing pretty or fancy about them. In order to save humanity an ancient sect of warrior priests have been training and to be ready for such a hellish event to happen again and are humanity's last hope for survival. This song's lyrics are loosely based on the movie Priest that I took influence from while writing them.

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