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Track By Tracks: Oldblood - Arms To The Sky (2020)

1. Kuebiko:

Kuebiko means being able to see the suffering in the world and being unable to do anything about it. This was something we tried to convey with the pace of the track and how that relates to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A few men could have stopped it before it happened but once the bomb dropped everything changed and it caused untold misery that is still reflected upon today. This song's lyrical themes centre upon the impact and loss of life that befell Japan on 6th August 1945. 

2. Nuclear Blues:
There were 3 atomic bombs created by the Manhattan project: "Little Boy", "Fat Man" and "Gadget". There was a fourth called the thin man that was never completed. Whilst I think we can all agree this is a blessing; Nuclear Blues is a lamentation for anything and anyone not filling their potential. 'Thin man' was developed to kill and ultimately left to gather dust in a warehouse somewhere. Tragic that so many resources were allocated for such a horrendous device when we could have fed and clothed others.
3. Los Alamos:

Los Alamos is an overview of the period surrounding the creation of the bombs in regards to the Manhattan project and the causality of them. The destabilization of the Uranium within the devices has contributed to decades of disfigurement within people and nature. With this track we wanted to showcase the aftermath of everything and the despicable attitude of man. Anything we have written can clearly not ever truly sum up what happened, we are simply spectators of history.
4. Alone:

The personification of the tragedy. A single woman with no name - only referred to as she. A survivor of what happened. Wandering aimlessly only to see everyone and everything she knew taken away from her. I doubt this is something you or I could ever begin to contemplate. Pain and loss is something we all feel but to this degree is beyond most of us. The song and lyrics are a hymn to the nameless and the unremembered.

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