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Track By Tracks: SKAGS - Digital Cage Of A Cursed Generation (2020)

1. Turn It On:

Personal demons. Fears. Whispers . Voices that keep spinning right round in your head on an endless loop. 

Don't be afraid! Escape! Turn It On,  is about all these things that keep you on this loop, on this inactivity. 

2. Zak:

~If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face—for ever.~ George Orwell. September 21, 2018. Middle of the day. In a busy street in the center of Athens, a person gets brutally kicked. People walk by. People stand by. People take out their phones, to capture the image. People just watch. 

Zak, Zackie, died that day. Marginalised, unwanted, invisible, suffocating. Zackie was cannibalized by a society that deeply fears anyone that differs. 

Anyone with a different skin colour, different sexual orientation, different beliefs. Anyone with a strong voice. May all of us, who betrayed them when they needed us the most, at least stand up for their memory. Zak is dedicated to Zak Kostopoulos , George Floyd and to all victims of law and violence. 

3. Put Your Hands Down:

Put Your Hands Down, is a personal imprint of the economic crisis time in Greece. A never ending circle that also affected music, with the same melody, with the same groove and more impontangly with the same phrase Put Your Hands Up , playing over and over again in mostly all of the songs.

4. The Consequence Of Dream:

The main meaning of the song can be described with 4 small phrases: Never give up! Try harder! Chase your dreams! Dream! 

The melody that plays in the bridge of the song, , is what the band imagines, as the music that our brain listens to , when we are dreaming.
5. The Weekend: 

Don't let the days pass and wait only for the weekend. Love your friends , love your life. Take the most of every second, every minute. After all, Money is just an obsession, you are barefoot till you die. 

6. The Guillotine:

Fires. Billions of dead animals. Air and Water Pollution. Ice melting. Global warming. Plastic and toxic wastes in our seas and food. These are just a few natural disasters that mankind is responsible for. 

The Guillotine is shifting and soon is gonna fall, cutting through our planet. Till now no serious measures have been taken. All these disasters are connected to each other and they will keep on happening unless everyone is willing to change individually. The time for change has come. Join the cause and save the planet. The Guillotine is inspired by and dedicated to our planet's suffering and sacrifice to human "evolution". 

7. Life:

They are making you afraid of sunshine. They want you to serve and join their cause. They are forcing you to stay in the shadows.Left alone in your dark and lonely soul. 

Is this the life you want to live ? 

8. Drive me Home: 

Last night in my dream, it all felt true. The fire in my veins was so real. You and me alone into the sea. Into the water. 

You said to me I Loved you but Drive Me Home... Drive me Home is about all these unaccomplished love stories. 

9. The Man Sitting Right Next Door:

How many times have you wondered who are the people living in the same building with you ? How many times have you felt completely alone in a place full of people ? How many times have you felt your apartment is like a cell that you are locked in? The Man Sitting Right Next Door, describes the loneliness in the big cities.

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