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Track By Tracks: Song Of Anhubis - Reversed Reflection (2020)

This is the intro for this journey. It consists of a brief electronic passage to introduce the second track. And that track is... 


A rock / metal song with many electronic arrangements. It’s a track directed at your face. Simple and furious. 
It’s one of our favourite tracks and at the same time one of the most modified since we structured it. It’s a song that we believe, represents very well the current style of the band. That's why we wanted to put it in the first place. It´s about animal cruelty, superficiality and human pride, although really it can be extrapolated to any topic of an unjust nature.
This track contains industrial sounds that meet Rei's voices combined with Mario's torn voice. It´s the only song with symphonic arrangements and only are at the end. 

The song is about how there are certain situations that seem unbearable or require own sacrifice, such that you might think that your world is falling apart or that you must corrupt a part of yourself. That is the reading I gave him when Mario handed me the part of his lyrics and that is why I precisely put it the title of “Persephone´s Call”. I think Persephone's myth fits the theme perfectly. A woman kidnapped by darkness (Hades) who is seen in hell for all eternity until an agreement is reached stating that she will only spend there certain months of the year. I suppose it can be interpreted as an analogy to accepting the dark side of you. 

Our most electronic song. It begins with disco sounds and a male voice to conclude with a daring and different song that deals with our lights and shadows and the temptation to surrender. Rei and Mario's voices compliment each other very well on this track.
It's a song strongly inspired by the American nu-metal of the beginning of the century. Rap lines, piano arpegies and estructured like a single although finally not it´ll be. 

It’s a track where the electronic line is also the protagonist at the same time that the blunt guitars are the ones that give strength to the song. For this song we were inspired by the nightmares that haunt us, both at night and in the real world. 


We are front most longer song of the album, is a track with many passages. A journey that combines heavy guitar riffs with a very melodic chorus, decadent parts and some operistic vocal melodies that are not usually seen in the rest of the songs. 

This track deals more directly with the fact that you are the only one who can take charge of the course you want to take and who you want to become. But above all, deals with the fact that there are many people who do not fit into society or the established canons for everything. And when I say everything, it is absolutely everything. Society dictates that you mustn't go off the rails, but you will be condemned to unhappiness and frustration if you agree to follow what is imposed by others and not who you are or who you want to be. In short, it's about the internal struggle that many people have between wanting to be accepted and wanting to be themselves.

Hypersomnia is the only “Reversed Reflection” ballad and it’s also the only song that we have done in our mother language, in fact, e have never made a song in our language before. It’s full of slow guitar echoes and piano arpeggios that lead to a final explosion.
Hypersomnia is a very personal track for me. For this song I was inspired by various themes. On the one hand, in the futility of time, the continually changing circumstances and the times when superficiality clouds everything and can make you feel empty. On the other hand, the lyrics of the chorus say "siento el vértigo de caer en un círculo sin fin", which means "I feel the vertigo of falling into an endless circle". However it’s not said with a negative character but as a way to let yourself flow or let yourself be, because while everything changes around you, you are the only one who is still there. 


Teratos is basically a Heavy metal song with doble drums, edgy guitars and highly vocal range registres. 

It’s a direct theme that begins with great force, which is maintained throughout the song except for a melancholy passage that gives way to the climax of the theme. It is about the awakening of someone who has been emotionally asleep. It's another one of my favorite songs and I love to perform it live.

Another heavy and very direct song with many HxC parts. It’s the oldest song on "Reversed Reflection" since it was removed from the first album because it had a very different style to all the other tracks. However, it has undergone several changes until it became the definitive "Lethal Lens". 

To write the lyrics, I based on those false and toxic people who only get bigger with their contempt for others and get smaller when you face them or leaving them alone with their own miserable nature. 


It’s a complex song like Progressive spiral but at the same time with a very different style. It’s a very dynamic track that also is about, in a certain, of the difficulty of accepting oneself, the force exerted on all of us by stereotypes, the politically correct, the superficiality and the feeling of emptiness that all this brings. It’s also about that loneliness that you can feel, even if you are surrounded by people, the complete feeling of loneliness in the crowd.

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