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Track By Tracks: Tantivy - Eyes In The Night (2020)

1. I Am The Wolf:
Here we begin a tale of wolves decimated and banished long ago. In this song the wolf king announces his triumphant return to the Stag whose kin have lost all memory of this terrible foe. soon they will realize that speed and teeth are upon them. 

2.Cut Em Loose:

This track is all about fun! When this harsh world full of human garbage is getting ya down, sometimes all you can do is "cut em loose" and for me that's getting out to the woods to run dogs or jump bikes. apply this song to whatever is getting to you and set your shred goose loose! 

3. Daggers:

This track is the rebuttal to "I Am The Wolf". In this song we hear things from the Stags perspective. Here he makes it clear that himself and his ranks are a force to be reckoned with. the thunder of hooves will ring in the ears of his dying enemy. 

4. Houndin' Ya:
This track is all about perseverance, paying homage to the metal gods, and never slowing down. sometimes literally never slowing down. the 2nd meaning to this track is about our drummer Jon and I riding stupid fast down any slope we can find. he is currently laid up from a gnarly crash he took off a booter last weekend. fun facts. 

5. Nowhere:

This groovy track is about love for the road, shows, singin' and dancin' and once again never slowing down. This song goes out to all the maniacs that dont feel alive without music.

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