Behind The Tracks: Aetherial - The Grave Empties Itself (Single) (2020)

Shep: The Grave Empties Itself was one of the last tracks we recorded for Nameless Horrors. 

Like the whole album, it was recorded in our home studio in Melbourne, late 2019. I just wanted the music to sound how I’d imagined, so in the midst of writing - I used only my ears, I literally did not look at what I was playing on guitar. Just using your ears or as i have levelled it "Writing Blindfolded” was a largely used technique on the record. I guess the only downfall, is afterwards when you go to track the song properly, you have to work it out. lol Go figure. 

The music is a manifestation of the anger and frustration exhibited in the lyrics. We wanted this track to be straight up death metal; raw, aggressive and furious. Uncomplicated in both music, vocals and lyrics, just brutality. 

Cas: Lyrically the track explores concepts of hidden truth and the lengths you must face in order to get the answers you seek. In this case you must offer your whole self to the cause in order to quench your thirst for knowledge, no matter what the cost is and who it is paid to. The result is horrifying as is often the case in life. 

I’m a massive believer that the truth will always come out one way or another, even after death. So the notion that “Dead men tell no tales” is not always entirely accurate, especially when you get help from the beyond the grave. 

Being massive horror fans with the video we were keen to throw down a bit of old school B Grade Horror Movie X 80s getaway driving. We think it’s a pretty solid visual representation of the track. It was quite challenging for us to but we’re happy with the result and looking forward to making more clips for our music.

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