Behind The Tracks: Cavo - Lead On (Single) (2020)

When we wrote this song, we didn’t really know its relevance in the political climate. We are not a politically charged band by no means but I think we can all agree that the political climate is so volatile and that’s because the leaders running the country have failed us all. The bass line was the initial idea and everything just came together musically around it. From Chris and his amazing guitar work on the track to Andy’s drumming the song just worked and maintained all the elements of CAVO. The lyrics were written by Casey and match the aggressive musical background touting the frustration of where we find ourselves in based on the lie we have been fed for years. It is a song about questioning the path we are all being led down. There’s too much at stake in this world to just blindly accept what happens next. It’s a song about looking for the right path to the light.

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