Behind The Tracks: Kissing Candice - Tapeworm (Single) (2020)

We wanted a no-nonsense, straight to the point banger... Where it was relentless from start to finish. The angle my headspace was coming from was that there are so many snakes in the world we live in... and they could be wrapping around you right now. I’ve personally been through this and seen this happen to people first hand, it destroys someone’s life right under their nose. So being that it’s such a dark concept, the music had to match it sonically and rhythmically. I really love Fear Factor, and there is a bit of influence from them throughout the song. I really think the song nailed the machine-like, cold vibe. I remember us bugging out because we knew listening back, how insane it was going to be to play live and just how hard it would hit.

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