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Behind The Tracks: The Sacred - All Right (Single) (2020)

All Right is one of the first songs that was truly written by the band "The Sacred". Some of our earliest material were songs that had already been in existence that myself (Trent Jones) or our drummer (Zakk Dubois) or Lead Guitarist (Ethan Gilbert) had already penned. This one began as a guitar riff that our former bassist Travis Kreidel brought to the table while jamming. We played this tune as an instrumental for a month or so. Writing parts, arranging sections, and the final bow was put on as the lyrics began to form. The idea stemmed from a quote from our lead guitarist. In a moment of wisdom he told us "There is an answer to it all", and I felt that would be a perfect basis for a song. This song highlights the hardships of life and personal choices - the good and the wisdom that can come from such experiences. The first verse is a real life experience of mine. Six years ago, in a drugged and drunken stupor, I drove off a curve at 50mph, wrapped my car around a telephone pole and nearly died (I am three years sober now). The song finishes with a warning - "Slow it down, make the curve, not the fall". The second verse is about the feeling of desperately trying to get ahead, while life takes swings and knocks you back, and the third verse is about love - or lack thereof - in relationships. In this case, a relationship that involves kids. The "Melodies" were in reference to our former bassists' children out west - whom he left the band for, so he could be a permanent part of their lives. This made way for our fourth and final member of the band Danielle Finch. It is a song about hope and not giving up - fighting through the hardships and finding silver linings - knowing that it will be "ALL right".

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