Track By Tracks: LIPSHOK - Shadows Of A Dark Heart (2020)

1. Answer the Call:

This is a political meaning behind all the immigration and asylum problems going on in the US (and probably could apply to other parts of the world as well). It’s the story of all the people trying to get help and truly needing it and the mistreatment of them. 

2. Don’t Fear Defeat:

Simple meaning. Do what you need and want to do and don’t fear being defeated. Go fo it. 

3. Looking Glass:

An, a timeless story about Alice falling through the looking glass, otherwise known as a mirror. But what if it’s true? And you could go there? Wouldn’t you? I know I would. 

4. Without a Flame: 

Trying to go on without a bright light to lead the way. 

5. And So He’ll Fly: 

Sort of a modern take on the story of Icarus, and how he had to fly too close to the sun even though he was warned not to. Kind of sad really.. 

6. Alive Once More: 

The musings of a vampire that just wants to live, but he’s really dead, but he’s still alive once more every night. That can be frustrating you know? 

7. Revenge:

Oh, the best kinds of stories. You know the one where the guy fools around on the gal and she gets revenge but shooting him at the bar with his mistress? Yeah, that kind of simple regular tale. 

8. Unknown:

Well, this is probably one of my biggest fears, being unknown in the end. Yeah, kind of depressing, but of course music is one of those outlets…

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