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Interviews: Fused By Defiance

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Metal/Rap/Rock band, Fused By Defiance from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1.How did you guys meet and how was the band formed?

Most band members met through mutual friends. But Kevin (lead guitar) and Arnold (rhythm guitar) knew each other by playing together in previous bands since their High School days which is how FxD was formed by the two of them.

I know it's a bullshit question, but :) 

2. Where did the band's name come from?

The name came in a little after the band was formed. We didn't really know if we were going to be a metal band, reggae or funk band. We were experimenting and fusing different genres together and defining our sound. Then one day it just clicked and our guitarist Kevin threw in the idea of Fused By Defiance and we loved it. Plus sounds really cool when the fans chant "F.X.D." at concerts =)

3.What things/bands inspire you the most guys?

The cool thing about the band is that every member has different inspirations. It can range from Van Halen, KoRn, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Zendaya, Arch Enemy or Bring Me The Horizon.

4. Do you work together on new songs, or everybody has their own tasks in the band?

Everyone puts in their two cents when it comes to writing. And with technology these days we can easily send ideas via email and once we're all together in the rehearsal studio makes the writing process much easier.

5. So, how does the teamwork work within the band?

Each member does their part. If something lands on our table, the first one to pick it up will send it to the rest of the group and everyone gets to work. Like the old saying "There's no I in team."

6.What inspired you the most when you were working on your songs? And are you already working on a new album, if yes, can you share some info about it?

It all depends on the mood of the day. For example, maybe a band mate heard a song and instantly got hooked and an idea popped in. Or maybe it could be something that he or she saw on TV or social media that sparked inspiration and grabs a paper and pencil and start writing. We just released our newest single/video "Cancel Culture" and it's doing pretty well. But we are already started working on the next batch of songs. Since the pandemic started we released two singles but this time around we're planning on releasing an EP sometime this year.

7.How this situation with COVID-19 affects you?

It has affected us like any other band or artist and by that we mean playing concerts. We miss them so much. We're hoping this year we can somehow bring them back!

8. Are you planning to do online concerts as well, or it's not an option?

We actually did a couple of online concerts. It was our first time doing them. It was fun but weird playing in front of just a camera and no people. But we knew our fans would at least enjoy it and get some entertainment on these tough times.

9. Please describe your music in five words!

Melodic, Riff driven, Intense, Rhythmic and Metal!

10. Please tell us some funny stories about the band members or some fun facts about the band. 

One funny story was when our ex-vocalist Ryan Cheek was on a internet game show called "I Want My Phone Back" and the host asked if she could look through his phone and asked if she could change the band name on Facebook to "The Ryan Cheek Experience" and send a picture of his genitals to the bands group chat for $350. Which of course he agreed to it.

11. If there's anything you'd like to add, please share!

Even though we're all going through this pandemic, all of us in FxD are making the most of what we can. We are grateful for all of our friends and fans that have sticked with us and been supportive! We are in a great spot right now with our current lineup and we're happier than ever! And as soon as concerts come back, we are definitely making it up for all this time lost!

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