Track By Tracks: Pathfinders - Ares Vallis (2021)

1. Landing:

We set the scene with the intro and we can distinguish the theme of the following music in this intro.

2. Impostors:

The first track on our album, impostors stands out with a dark and special atmosphere. Heavy tempo, rather slow, the atmosphere is highlighted and perfectly transcribes the energy that we want to share for this album. It’s a question here of discrediting the idea of ​​the one and only god to make room for an open mind and believe that everyone lives with their own god within them.

3. Damned Earth:

Single from our album, damned earth is one of the tracks composed by our guitarist with a more vintage touch but still violent and groovy. The intro puts it straight into the mix. There is everything. Very heavy riffs, a powerful and melodious chorus with a very present guitar theme. This time we get to the heart of the matter, with a text directed towards the environment, the global degradation of the earth which is dying, due to overconsumption and human stupidity. The whole is powerful and efficient.

4. Evolution:

"intense" is the keyword to describe this title. Mainly composed by our bassist, like many of our songs, everything is simple and effective. The riffs are following one another with a power and an energy that is still present until the end. It’s running, and intensive. Here we remind the world that nothing can be taken for granted, that we must take our responsibilities. That the earth is a blessing and not a due. It’s up to us to evolve.

5. Precious Star:

Right from the start we end up with a very groovy riff, with a very fast drums which makes everything aggressive, to finally move towards something much more melodious than the other songs. A super catchy chorus, melodious and sung in a clear way. The track is well ventilated then increases in power at the end with a solo. The text is very metaphorical : the idea is that everyone finds their own star, their own path. This song can speak to everyone as they see fit.

6. Explode Inside:

Second track composed by our guitarist, we find a groovy and impactful intro. The chorus is entirely cut out for the stage. The guitars are very present and the vocals are more airy but just as powerful. We are talking about a withdrawn, self-confident person who prefers to isolate himself than face the world. The message remains positive because the goal is to all come together to fight this loneliness that everyone can experience one day. Everything is powerful and created to involve the public.

7. Annihilate (them all):

This title is undoubtedly the slowest and heaviest. Riffs are simpler, more airy and with a very present bass. This leaves room for vocals to speak with darker lyrics, which denote people who will belittle, mock, and criticize you every time you do something important for you. Most of them are in fact just jealous. The whole thing makes "Annihilate (them all)" a heavy and airy title for the stage.

8. The Light:

The most calm and atmospheric tracks on our album. The intro guitar arpeggio with a grunge sound directly breaks the mood. It’s a tribute to someone dear to me. It's slow, it's hovering and it all rises to a crescendo and ends on a powerful, melodious and groovy end.

9. Pressure:

This track starts straight off with a big catchy riff and a solo over it which makes it without doubt our most rock'n roll track. The verses are fun, perfect for getting the crowd going. The chorus is much more aggressive and shows our desire to mix styles and break codes. All supported by a more vintage song and lyrics focused on the pressure that our entourage can inflict on our shoulders, to dictate to us what is good or not and fair to do or not from their point of view. The end is mainly instrumental and gives way to the melody and the power of this title.

10. Ghost of Mars:

Big, well-paced, groovy, simple and effective riffs. Half-composed by our guitarists and our bassist, "ghost of mars" is a compendium of everything we love, aggressive with a touch of melody. Which brought an explosive and varied song. Here we are talking about the conquest of man towards another world, after having decimated our resources on Earth we are looking to find a new environment to colonize and therefore inevitably to destroy it slowly. Always more, always further. And the man gets lost. The message is that we should save what Earth has to offer us rather than continue to make the same mistakes elsewhere. A powerful, rhythmic track and a progressive finale with guitar tapping.

11. Bad Guardians:

One of the more progressive tracks on the album, "bad guardians" stands out from all the others. A quick, groovy and violent intro and verses. A completely jerky chorus. Everything is in the title, the man is not up to the task, we should be the guardians of the Earth and all its inhabitants, but we are only its destroyers and we abuse our own habitat. We find there, as for "impostors", a much more present and darker atmosphere with big rhythm breaks for very slow passages, in spite of super groovy passages and accompanied by slap to the bass.

12. Peste Noire:

The last track on the album, "Peste Noire" is the longest and richest track. An ultra progressive and aggressive start, an ultra melodious chorus. Then a calm and soothing passage to finish on a powerful, epic and orchestral end. The text is a compendium of things said in the previous titles, with a positive end message despite everything that highlights the kindness that Man is capable of showing, which can take him to lift mountains. The title is made to bring everyone together. One of the tracks we are most proud of, which ends this first and not the last, Pathfinders album.

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