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Band Biographies: Evil Impulse

The beginnings of Evil Impulse are located in Ciudad Real, in 2012 summer, from the ashes of his mother band KONDENA. Victor G. Nieto (guitarist and composer) and Antonio Ramírez (vocalist) decide to forge a new project in which to give rein to their musical concerns.

After recruiting musicians from the area they released their first EP "Flames from the Ground" (2013) work that shows a band with a strong character and a excessive aggressiveness, channeled and materialized through a Thrash / Groove sound of great invoice.

Evil Impulse charge back in 2014 with their first full length "Who,s Gonna Kill Who"(2014), work in which the band strengthens the foundations of its sound and puts them on the map as one of the great bands from the state scene. The disc has important collaborations like Canadian guitarist Jed Simon (Strappin Young Lad, Zimmers Hole), which contributes to the great leap in quality of the album.

The formation performs an extensive presentation tour that takes them to tour much of the national geography, participating in important festivals such as Live For Madness and Resurrection Fest, sharing the stage with giants like Iron Maiden, Volbeat and The Offspring.

After this intense career, Evil Impulse returns to the studio to record the album capable of knocking down the fucking gates of hell: a huge battering ram called "The Unbroken Ritual" (2017) on Vinyl Studios and with the production of Victor G. Nieto and Alex Ferrón, this second album is based on the basic pillars of its characteristic sound, but adding new textures and nuances. The variety of vocal registers and the great choruses shine in songs like the single The Great Dunghill and in The Last Breath. Act of Faith and the eponymous The Unbroken Ritual show their facet plus Thrash / Death. The band also delves into dark and desolate Southern landscapes in the melancholic Owner of Nothing. The Unbroken Tour It is still running, having had the most outstanding stops festivals such as the Otero Brutal Fest and the Leyendas del Rock, where they would share stage with bands like WASP, Suicidal Tendencies and Nightwish.

In 2019/2020 there are a series of structural changes in the band turning its musicality and its way of composing, maximizing the energy of the songs at 200%.

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the band begins the composition of what It will be his last work "The Brotherhood" and during the months of confinement, record and pre- produce all songs in this work. For the production have the experience of Alb Bandino at Cut Fire Studios from Sardinia (Italy), so they get a demolishing and modernized sound that makes the evolution of the band since the launch of Unbroken Ritual was very notable in 2017.

The Brotherhood is self-produced in July 2020. Attitude, professionalism and dedication. These are the three main characteristics that define Evil Impulse, and there is no doubt that they will leave the skin to demonstrate it on every stage they step on.

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