Behind The Artworks: Catharsis - Human Failures (2021)

Kate states: I remember we were somewhere in the middle of the recording session for “Human Failures”. We came back from the studio and were all spending an evening together, having a drink and listening to music. The topic of the album artwork popped up and Kajetan said “Wait a sec, wouldn't this be suitable?” - and showed us a picture of an oil painting on his phone. We were like “Damn, that's perfect! What's this piece?” and it turned out that it was one of the paintings by Michał Powałka, an artist who Kajeten had already been working with... (no kidding) posing as Jesus for a series of paintings for Way Of The Cross ordered by some cathedral. The painting seemed to reflect visually what we could not put in words while discussing what the cover artwork should look like before. It represents the other side of the human nature, twisted, sick, ugly and distorted. It's the dark side of the soul, hidden below the layers of our everyday existence and appearances.

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