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Behind The Artworks: Endless Chain - Forthcoming Past (2021)

Endless Chain / Timo:

All the artworks for the album and single releases were done by Slobodan Jovanovic, alias Slobicuss Doomicuss from Serbia. I met him through Mikko Heikkilä (Kaunis Kuolematon, Dawn of Solace), who also sings on the album Forthcoming Past. Slobodan Jovanovic has previously made cover art e.g. for the band Kaunis Kuolematon and in my opinion, they were very cool artworks and the style I wanted for my own album as well. I contacted him even before the recordings on the record had even started and we were able to agree on tentative schedules and follow-up plans by then. Personally, I had little influence on the content of the arts, I just said something about the color theme and style. The following are comments from the artist himself.

Slobodan Jovanovic:

Generally speaking, I am chasing inspiration in metal music, art, history, everyday life. Every moment can be a source of inspiration. Speaking of Endless Chain, I was inspired by the theme of the lyrics. Main cover art presents different emotions, struggles, experiences. Every person on that cover presents a chain of life, that contains love, passion, pain, the inner fight, and everything else that can be inside one person. Also, there are previous materials of the band, that gave the final touch.

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