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Behind The Artworks: A River Crossing - FORSAKEN (2021)

For FORSAKEN, we decided to work with Mansing Tang from Format-M who also created a special limited edition artwork for our last album Sediment. We were amazed about her work and asked her for a collaboration on FORSAKEN.

After a first meeting where we discussed all about our album vision and handing over the first rough mixes of our album, she headed right back into the office and designed three completely different artwork suggestions of which each one was representing what we wanted to transport also visually. We wanted to uphold the hope with some positive colors and themes. In the end, we decided for the diamond pattern.

The diamond consists of carbon and carbon is the very base of life on earth. The album artwork shows a carved diamond reflecting several basic elements of life too which then also are matched to the 6 songs on the album. So each song has its own artwork which is also part of the package you get when buying a vinyl (vinyl sized artworks included) or cd (stickers with the artworks included).

We always feel very much connected to nature even if music and the process of recording music is somehow technical and inorganic. We believe that we somehow transport the passion about nature in our songs and we’re happy that Mansing did such a good job getting it into the artwork as well. Despite her creativity and empathy (you know how creative minds can be), she is a very well- organized professional that we encourage everyone to work with who wants to get their visual expectations on paper and screen.

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