Behind The Artworks: SNAKE BITE WHISKY - Black Candy (2021)

This wasn’t the original name for the album. For awhile we were going to call it Cranked but it just didn’t sit completely right with us. Anway, Black Candy was a name I’d been thinking of for awhile so I pitched it to the guys and they loved it. It’s got that sweet but deadly thing going on. It sums up the album and us in the way that we are different from other bands in the scene, we have a harder edge and are non politically correct and whilst you can hear our influences we certainly have our own sound so something familiar but different. It's evocative as well and a little sinister I guess and we wanted something that portrayed the harder edge we have without being too overt about it. Every song comes from a real experience as well. The art is by Alan Kerr of Deadboy designs in the U.K. He has done all our art since the beginning. We love his style and he always delivers from the concepts we give him. With this we wanted something striking, a girl with a forked tongue licking a black skull lollipop. There are some sexual and drug connotations to the art and name. Alan also didn’t go with a photorealistic style but a pop art style which works really well. We were fucking stoked with the end result.

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