Behind The Artworks: VINCENT CROWLEY – BEYOND ACHERON (2021)

FRONT COVER: The cover was created by German artist Timo Wuerz. The image was designed to be a simplistic concept that would represent the nature of the album. Since the title of the album was called “Beyond Acheron” and the theme based on death, I wanted to have both visual elements combined to represent both ideas. But I also wanted it to be straight forward without tons of other stuff within the piece distracting from primary focus. The character on the cover is supposed to be a fusion of the Grim Reaper and Charon fused together standing on the shore of the river Acheron. I admit, some people thought it could be taken as a cliché Metal image, but I felt is was needed to be used to symbolize the album as a whole, while maintaining a horror movie poster type appearance. I gave Timo my ideas and he manifested them into exactly what I wanted.
BACK COVER: Instead of having a band photo on the album, I thought it would be more interesting for do a piece featuring the members. It has all of us coming up from the waters of Acheron as sinister looking creatures. From Death, comes Life….Beyond Acheron! Very symbolic to rising from what I once came from. It again brought a very horror movie aesthetic to the album.

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