Behind The Tracks: Monument Of A Memory - Seeking Somewhere (Single) (2021)

“Seeking Somewhere” started as a basic synth idea that we had in our demo folder. We never thought the song was even going to be used until we brought it to Ricky. He saw a vision for the song even with such a small idea, and he wanted us all to work together to bring it to life. From there, the song just grew into this rock anthem that we never would’ve thought could have come from that small demo we had. We just started building these riffs on top of the ambiance, and when it came time to do vocals, we just knew this song had potential. Looking back on it, we are super lucky that we didn’t overlook this track in the early stages of the writing process."
Of the highly cinematic new music video, Newhouse adds, "We really wanted to do something theatrical. It’s just something we always appreciated in other artists. So when it came to the imagery for the music video, we wanted to give off this modernized classy Victorian type of look to really make the song and video come off as super dramatic and visually very eye-catching. We wanted the lights to look like we were in an “infinity room” that never ended, and we wanted the outfits, makeup and the entire aesthetic to really give us our own identity. We knew we wanted something over the top. I’ve always been super into fashion and imagery in music, and it’s cool that this band found our own way of expressing ourselves, not only musically but also visually.

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