Behind The Tracks: Particles - Pleasure (Single) (2021)

Desire, sin, addiction. 'Pleasure' makes you dance through the flames of a toxic love that is impossible to resist even if it drags you further and further down to hell. A glance is enough to ignite the senses and the slightest contact is addictive: now the prey can only abandon itself to the power of its hunter once and for all. This time Particles embrace electro synth pop sounds to express the sensual and captivating mood of the song. In 2021 genre labels are pretty overcome, and the italian band renews its sound exploring new pop atmospheres also through images. In the videoclip, the controversial power-love relationship takes on the appearance of a modern Cleopatra who captures attention by playing with neon lights and psychedelic visual effects. She knows that she is both victim and executioner in an unhealthy love, in which she chooses to throw herself even though it will burn quickly.

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