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Interviews: Magg Dylan

Magg Dylan is a really heartfelt and down-to-earth band based out of Virginia Beach. All of their songs come from actual life experiences, feelings, emotions, and things they have gone through. Suzanne De Iulio, is the frontwoman, vocalist, and co-founder of Magg Dylan. From their collective mortal journey comes the lyrics and emotion behind each of these songs. Brucifer Jordan, guitars/programming and co-founder of Magg Dylan, entices with his 7-string crunch. You can hear within the soulful melodies, harmonics, and backing vocals that their songs come from the minds of insanely great writers. Les Moseley, the bass guitarist, adds four and five-string tones that absolutely mesh well with their writing style, and has been what they needed since the start. Les also does backing vocals and harmonies with Brucifer. The drummer, Adam Hoye, joined Magg Dylan from California, with his hard rock/metal expertise. Together they became a full circle. Their collective goal is this, moving energy. Magg Dylan drives their intense performances with energy in the recording studio and on stage, all for their fans.

Band Members:

Brucifer Jordan - Guitar
Suzanne De Iulio - Vocals
Les Moseley - Bass
Adam Hoye - Drums

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