Track By Track: CURIMUS - Garden Of Eden (2021)

1. Eden Unveiled:

Well, what's to tell about this - a mantraic, simple composition that takes it's wings when the whole band kicks in. It's a teaser as an appetizer. Fun facts include, that most of the buzz noises are made by whacking an guitar cable to my knee, and there's surely something for our Finnish listeners.
2.  Ignite:

This one may in theory be one of our oldest tracks, kind of: Our guitar player Tommi might have goofed around with the opening riffs for a few years, and as he recollected his riff depository this one stood out: aggressive, on-going, relentless = perfect. It took a few turns to get the song to it's final shape, but i'd say the outcome is pretty much Curimus straight & forward. Lyricswise, there's no need to cover it here - it's all about "burning" religions and all their manifestations. The opening line "Procreate - leech off our Mother Earth until she's dry" might be one of the most sinister, yet truthful sentences i've ever written.

3. 72:

With 72, the writing process went a little upside down to say so, as the lyrics were completed first. The first composition was done with our previous guitar player, but as things changed i saw no point in throwing good lyrics to the garbage bin as the original song was scrapped; the new riffs were made to fit the lyrics, and as this grants a somewhat unusual song structure, it's one of the most powerful songs on the album in my opinion. A refreshing change to the usual songwriting process to do things the other way than usually. The acoustic passage features an 8-string "bouzukish" instrument and 12-string acoustic guitar at the intersection of the song, after which David Bower from the legendary NWOBHM-band HELL takes the lead as a hate preacher talking to his followers.

4. God Eater:

God Eater has seen a few forms during the last years, if i remember correctly the double-tempo thrashy "D-part" of the song was fooled around with more than 5 years ago. It evolved to it's final state slowly, and as the production name "Kaikki vitun triolit" (= All the fucking triplets in english) states, it pretty much wiped the slate clean off my 130-155 triplet(ish) riffs. It's groovy, it's thrashy, it's everything you could ever want! As the lyrics go, we're preaching to a mindset of a struggling believer. The title God Eater comes in at the final verse (not named after the video game, didn't know that one before googling ), after the "main character" has evolved to the point where all gods are lost to his/her best, "we feed on a heavenly plate of parasites". To be honest, most of our lyrics are written almost black-out drunk to unleash all the negativity and hostility towards everything uncovered, and this one is just about the best outcome there can be; "Leeches boiled in their on fat - a tasty treat for a new-crowned king".

5. Eradication Manifest:

Eradication Manifest, (or Erection, as we call it within the band) was probably one of the "easiest" song to finalize - if i remember correctly it wasn't more than two days as the writing was done riff-wise. Sure, the song structure is nothing like you'd expect and there's no chorus to speak of. But hey, we're doing extreme metal here, who gives a shit? The lyrical content aims a bullet towards the people in charge of everything - they're making decisions not fitting to any morale, just for their own needs and hallucinations. The catchline at the end, "Who sees through the eyes of a god?" asks a a question, who truly knows what their "God" wants or is it all just for your own good?

6. Victims:

This one's an "oldie", as it was first released as a single in 2018, and was re-recorded for the album. Again, most of the song is triplet action, and at one point i think "Victims" and "God Eater" kind of emerged, but then collided to different tracks, for the best i believe. The verse riff is one of the most fucked up things i've ever written, but if i'd say so myself it's also catchy as f***. The overall "groovyness" of the track is also a good "breather" in between the half-way of the album. The lyrical themes revolve around religious minds making bad decisions for all (didn't see that coming, did you?), and trying to fuck up an whole industry because of what: - Religion.

7. Catalyst:

To be honest, this one's basically an ABBA ripoff - there's sudden mood, key and tempo changes but it all makes sense. A total banger to say so, and i can't wait to perform this one live in front of an audience who knows the song. The chorus "Buy - the first seat in the row" just calls for an epic mosh pit, doesn't it?

And again, to be honest, the lyrics on this one are a bit extreme. We're talking about people's political views and their own perception of themselves here. The political line between right and left doesn't seem to be a line between two points - it's more like a circle where you can go around to the other side when you go too far.

8. Hate the Progress:

One of the last songs that were written on this album. Featuring some "fugly" riffs soaked in death metal, featuring lots of the official Curimus drum beat called "Kaljaa & Pillua (Beer & Pussy in english). There's a lot of influences (or perversions) in this one, sounds absolutely like us though. As a fun fact, we had to scrap the music video for this song because it was just too nasty.

Marko Silvennoinen: Lyrics are written as a satire. On one hand it's an ironic guidebook on how to try and take your (unwanted) religious thoughts and principles into a new modern politics, (which should be only politics, no religious shit) and that way to take control from inside. On the other hand, it's a guide (an ironic one) on how believers should close their eyes from technology and science, and only believe those old stories from an old book. You want to make a stop to modern science and thoughts about religion, because it's taught to you that way.

9. Eisegesis:

Well, i guess the verse on Eisegesis is where our "core accusations" come from. If you'd drop tune that verse riff into F#, yeah, sure, core all the way. But hey, no "breakdowns" on this one, right? This one's kinda a mixture between this and that, but Curimus all the way. Lyrically, this one's all about taking on major challenges (and defeating them), and as they're beaten, take a piss on the graves. Had troubles in your life? Ever played Dark Souls? This one's your anthem.

10. Absence:

Well, somewhat and oldie and goldie. This one's actually Tommi's "auction song" written in 2017ish. We sat down, went through some riffs and drank some beers. That's how "Absence" was basically written. This is how music should be made! As far as the lyrics go, we've had a vivid tour in our Garden of Eden, so we'll end the journey at a dystopical, yet hopeful ending; "There goes the last of the tyrants - past leaders, and fallen oppressors."

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