Track By Tracks: Catharsis - Human Failures (2021)

1. Through the Eyes of a Child:

The last song was written for this album, but also the fastest composed. In this case, the opening riffs became the basis for the backbone of the song, and when the verse and chorus came, the rest was just a pleasant creative process. The lyrics are a child's desperate message to parents whose relationship is falling apart. A dramatic cry for care and safety, as well as a carefree childhood. A strong piece that gives food for thought.

2. Slaves to Money and Greed:

Reflection on human greed and the materialistic approach to the world. We built this mood in the studio in the chorus, it wasn't planned before, but it turned out great. Finally, there is a "radio" repetition of the refrain lyrics to emphasize the message at the end of that song. Musically, it is a very complex track and one of the longest on the album. It is also Kajetan's guitar solo debut in CATHARSIS songs.

3. Your Truth:

This is a special song for me. Those who remember CATHARSIS from our first period will be very surprised. We rearranged a lot, added extremely fast drum parts, recorded perfectly by Daray. All the lines are screamed out very brutally. I had never had such awareness of growls in the past. Now it turned out very well. The lyrics are a manifesto of a young man who does not accept the surrounding reality. He is asking questions, looking for the meaning of life, and sometimes even despair. The structure of the piece is very unusual. There is no classic verse / chorus division here. This is the fastest track on the album. The most death metal one.

4. Made of Blood:

I am fascinated by Dubai and the entire Arab Emirates. I saw this economic miracle up close, but the more I bit into it, the more I saw the dark side as well. The exploitation of workers from India, Bangladesh and other poor countries in Asia, the inhumane conditions of their work in 50 degrees of heat, as well as living in rooms where they are crammed into several square meters. Separation from the family, suicides, loss of own dignity is the price paid for the desire to break out of the miserable existence in their home countries. We invited Ross Dollan to sing the chorus and he did it fantastically, giving the song a great vibe. Everyone will recognize his voice. This track is going to be perfect for live shows. It has a great groove, rhythm and crushing energy.

5. Village of Witches:

I don't remember where I read the article about African witch villages. Places where elderly people were sent, accused of magic and witchcraft by local communities. It was the only way they could survive. Otherwise, they would face death from the hateful crowd. We composed the introduction in the studio, having previously had a certain vision of what it should look like. It turned out very ominous. I always have shivers down my spine listening to this beginning. I associate it with the atmosphere of the Exorcist.

6. House of Sand and Fog:

The longest track on the album with a very epic ending, which we put in the words of Joseph Conrad. The text tells about religious and racial intolerance, about fears towards other beliefs, vision of the world and life. I think that the lyrics are the strongest messages on the album together with the Village of Witches. In turn, musically, we strongly hook on dark, sometimes even black metal atmosphere. We've never composed anything like this before. Certainly, "House .." is one of the signposts of the future of CATHARSIS.

7. My Last Words:

A very suggestive title that fits perfectly at the end of the album. The song is inspired by the real situation. It is a letter from a girl who wants to commit suicide and writes it to her parents in desperation. My friend wanted to kill herself, luckily it didn't happen, but it touched me a lot. How many people think about it, how many young people do it? However, it does not always end this way, as in the case of my colleague. 20 years old man from my high school stood on the roof and jumped. What does a person have in mind then? Vocally, this track is very demanding. Lots of words to scream in a short time, complicated bass arrangements. All this together at the concert requires a lot of concentration.

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