Track By Tracks: Decayed - Old Ghosts and Primeval Demons (2021)

1. Damned Souls:

This one is an acoustic song with the amazing vocals of Célia. A very eerie song... It's actually the first part of a trilogy that represents the concept of the album, this was supposed to came out in 2020, the year we would be celebrating our 30th anniversary.

2. Rise Of The Undead:

This is a fast song that reminds me of the first album... Old school Black Metal and the lyrics deal with the rise of the undead and all dark forces of the Night to feast upon the living on the day our world ends and all this bullshit we have to endure is finally over.

3. Condemned To Hell:

A slower song... More in the vein of our newest material. The lyrics deal with someone who is realizes that this society is sick. The values that should matter: honour and honesty, are now anathema and for someone who believes in those values... this is a real Hell. A very personal lyric.

4. Dead Choir Hails (The Birth):

One of the fast songs but with the 80's feeling. The slow part was inspired by Mercyful Fate. As for the lyrics, they were inspired by a horror movie from the 70's... can't remember which one though...

5. Nocturnal Creatures:

Another slow song. This one has got a very good groove. I got inspired by Necromantia from Greece. But, once again... a bit more in the vein of our debut album. The mid part I think that it could be part of a Thrash Metal song. That was the intent. As for the lyrics, just the usual unholy lines about devilish creatures. If you pay attention at the end of the song you'll be able to hear Carolina's voice.

6. Grim Prophecies:

The fastest song of the album... inspired by the early works of Morbid Angel. But again... by the early material we did. Again.. this was supposed to be a celebration for 30 years doing our own thing. The lyrics deal with a subject that has always interested me... Nostradamus...

7. Old Ghost And Primeval Demons

The title song of the album... the slowest song... again with the vocals of Célia. Another eerie song and the lyrics are dedicated to all those who have been supporting the band since the very begining.
The second part of the trilogy...

8. Cold And Dark:

Another fast song and very late 90's in our own style. The slow middle part with the acustic, turned out very nice. The lyrics deal with the subject of being buried alive and... they were inspired by the song "Buried Alive" by the Gods of Real Black Metal: Venom!

9. Perpetual Slumber:

Another slow song with a very wicked chorus. This one is a mix... it gots newer feelings but also the old ideas we used to have in the early 90's. Actually I wrote this song for a single but never finished it. "Cold and Dark" was another of those songs. The stereo lead works fine on the song... it somehow works... As for the lyrics are all about the ancient Pagan gods and how this society has turned it's back on values that should be paramount.

10. Spell Of The Gorgons:

A very thrashy song... remenescent of our Decay times... the very begining in 1990 but with the Decayed feeeling. Regarding the lyrics: they were taken from the Greek mythology, the first Pagan readings I had acess back in school and that has always interested me.

11. Manitou:

This one is a Venom cover. Again, this was supposed to have been our celebration for 30 years in the Underground and I wanted to honor this with a cover of the band that most influenced this band. This is a slightly version of the original song but we always try to give our spin on the versions we do.

12. Fallen Angels:

This is the third and final part of the trilogy. Again with the vocals of Célia. Another eerie song with the final part of the lyrics.

13. Ritos De Iniciação:

This is the extra song of the album. The song we recorded for the split with Desaster but in a different mix. The lyrics were writen by Vulturius and deal with the mountain of Sintra.

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