Track By Tracks: Devilz By Definition - The Bitter Remains Of Human Consumption (2021)

1.Peace by Piece:

This song represents the struggles of mental health and the journey of life through the eyes of people battling with it. “Life is a puzzle, and it's full of many pieces. Sometimes those pieces get lost, other times those pieces get found but in the end, we are trying to put the pieces together, so this song is about exactly that, taking those pieces and putting them together, and finishing the puzzle” 2

2. Time is near:

This song is about the coronavirus and the shortness of life. It's about doing what you can with the time you have, because you never know when your time may be up.

3. The Bitter Remains:

A representation of how the earth will be after humans have consumed everything and left a giant carbon footprint. It’s about the wreckage we’ve caused as humans and the irreparable damage we leave behind as a species. We are cancer upon this earth.

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