Track By Tracks: KARPENTER - Sleepless (2021)

1. Sleepless:

“Sleepless”, the title track, represents the starting point of this journey, it’s meant to sound like a warning to the listener.

2. Mechanical Sense:

"Mechanical Sense" is a fast and impactful single. It speaks of demonic possession as a metaphor for the inability to manage choices and actions in everyday life.

3. Perfection Valley:

"Perfection Valley" is probably the most catchy song in Sleepless. Lyrics are about the fears that frightened us as children, the same ones that still frighten us today. The track is freely inspired by Tremors, the movie.

4. Falconer:

In “Falconer”’ the lyrics move further away from the concept of the album. The song is about feeling despair and resignation due to bereavement. The same feelings that won’t let you sleep. It’s a tight song with a restless groove.

5. Shark:

"Shark" is probably the darkest and introspective track of the album. It’s an allegory of man's cruelty against the weaker ones. The lyrics are freely based on the cinematic masterpiece Jaws.

6. The Manor:

"The Manor" is a hymn to revenge and it is set in a fictitious “dark era” that might evoke the Middle Ages. Have you ever seen Army of Darkness? I really hope so. The song is s a powerful ride with bitter melodic parts.

7. The Hardest Party:

"The Hardest Party” is inspired by a story of suffering souls stuck in an endless time loop. This sort of ghost story, together with “Dark Mountain Side”, was born as demo tracks, so they were re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered during the Sleepless studio sessions. It’s the ideal song for a metal-party with ghosts.

8. The Swamp Thing:

"The Swamp Thing" is a tribute to one of the most emblematic characters in the history of horror movies. The lyrics are a metaphor for the inevitability of destiny. We are all forced to compromise with ourselves every day, accepting our true nature. The music is bound to the 80’s AOR, with Punk Rock speedy incursions.

9. No Vacancy:

The track "No Vacancy" is made of an atypical musical structure compared to the general pattern of the album. The lyrics are freely inspired by the plot of Alfred Hitchcock's cinematic masterpiece "Psycho".

10. Dark Mountain Side:

"Dark Mountain Side" marks the end of this journey. The track is a mix of scratchy and melancholy sounds, confirming itself as one of the most dynamic compositions of "Sleepless".

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