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Track By Tracks: Sanguine Glacialis - Hadopelagic (2021)


The album starts with different layers of vocals, laying a special atmosphere with the clean guitar intro entering progressively, then switching rapidly to a strong and punchy riff, following with a very melodic orchestral chorus. Aenigma was written by the new line-up and announces the change of style between the two albums.


With Kraken, we get back to the first album vibe with a swing, jazzy groove song that will make you dance while headbanging.

3.Libera Me:

This song was a collaborative effort from all members of the new line-up. It starts with a rhythmic and strange intro, and switches to a more classic type of melodic death metal.

4. Le Cri tragique d’une enfant viciée:

This song is, hands down, the song with the less keyboard in the whole album. It starts with raw groovy guitar riffs and goes in all places, switching through jazz, classical melodies and finishing with a progressive instrumental outro.

5. Funeral for Inner Ashes:

This song is at once very deep and reflective while being fast and aggressive. It starts with a piano and clean guitar intro, goes through fast melodic death metal riffs and ends with a very deep, epic and symphonic outro topped by a guitar solo.

6. Oblivion Whispers:

This is the first song written by the new line-up for this album. It’s a very melodic death metal song.

7. Deus Ex Machina:

This song was for a former band of two of our members and changed a lot throughout the years, and we decided to revamp it completely to fit with Sanguine Glacialis. It’s the only song in the album that is all in French, and it’s inspired mainly by French nu metal bands.

8. Missa di Angelis:

This song was written close to the first album and you can clearly hear the first album vibe. It starts with a drum/bass/piano intro, and goes through jazz and melodic death metal riffs before finishing with one of the most brutal breakdowns of the album.

9. Un Ineffable Mal-être:

One of the last songs written for this album, it’s also one of the most melodic ones with a clean guitar and piano intro and catchy melodic riffs, before going towards the more progressive, jazz and avant-garde outro.


The last song is probably one of the most brutal ones, with groovy death metal riffs and breakdowns.

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