Track By Tracks: SNAKE BITE WHISKY - Black Candy (2021)

1. Thunderbird:

We kick off the album with this tasty southern metal infused blast. Thunderbird is basically about being your own person and not giving a fuck what other people think which sums us up perfectly. The way Laggy’s guitar screeches in the intro was the perfect way to kick the album off. I called it Thunderbird because it really fits the attitude of the song, you know a Thunderbird wouldn’t take no shit. When we wrote it we knew it was always gonna be the first track on the album.

2. Raised In Hell:

This track is basically about what type of people we are, beer drinkers and Hell raisers who don’t take shit from anyone. As a band and individuals we’ve been through our share of tough stuff but haven’t let it break us down, we’re still Raising Hell.

3. Creep Show:

It’s a homage to the outcasts of society. The people who don’t fit into what mainstream society thinks is normal so the freaks and weirdo’s if ya like. Like us our fans don’t fit into the norm and that’s cool because we aren’t sheep who just blindly follow the latest trend so if you come to a show it’s like “Welcome to the Creep Show” but it’s the coolest fucking place to be. This came out of Stacii’s bass line which has an almost carnival feel in the intro before the whole band kicks in and it fires right up.

4. Choke:

haha! It’s straight up about fucking. No hidden meaning on this one. It’s a celebration of the “Choke me daddy” kinda girls. Stacii came with this cool as fuck bassline and Laggy added some amazing guitar work. This is the only song where we used an external backing vocalist. On the choruses and the outro there’s a female vocal in the mix.

5. Bones In The Fire:

This song is lyrically the deepest in meaning. It’s all about being a man in today’s society and how society is trying to strip away masculinity. I wrote the lyrics from the frustration at the way the media is trying to make being a man a bad thing and that were all apparently just waiting to rape everyone. If your a man that likes hunting or sports or eating red meat or drinking or any traditionally masculine past times then your instantly judged as being some fucking monster so basically were just Bones In The Fire, cast aside and left to die. It’s driven by an awesome riff and more country style vocals on the verses. Even though it’s the slowest song on the album, I feel it’s one of the heaviest. Big and powerful.

6. Reload Aim Kill:

Real simple with this one. It’s a fuck you to anyone that has ever fucked with us whether thats promoters or ex band members or anyone else that’s tried to mess with us in anyway, it’s dedicated to them, an unrelenting track about vengeance. This one has probably the most Motorhead influence. Danny drives this along with some thundering drums and Laggy once again delivers an epic solo.

7. Sweet Cocaine:

An ode to the white stuff. We have quite a history with cocaine and some funny stories from touring concerning it like the time we were in Tijuana and the guitarist at the time sneezed cocaine all over my bags and I got detained by customs coming back into Australia. The riff is very early Guns N’ Roses style but in reviews it’s getting a lot of comparisons to punk which I can kinda hear maybe a Sex Pistols style. Either way it’s a ripping Rock N’ Roll song that tears along at pace.

8. Dead By Dawn:

There’s a whole lot going on in this track even though it’s pretty short time wise. Has a kinda AC/DC feel in the intro. Laggy squeezed a huge amount of different riffs in there. Lyrically it’s all about what a typical night of hanging out with us is like. Ya know your gonna be “Dead By Dawn”.

9. End Of The Line:

This was the first track we wrote with the new line up. Laggy came with this sublime lead melody and we built the song from that. I toyed with the vocal melody for quite awhile until settling on the one on the recording which just happened to be the first one I had anyway. This was the track I was most worried about how it would turn out. Because we are a one guitar band in rehearsal Laggy would only play the lead melody and I felt the track might lack punch on recording but once the rhythm guitar was recorded it sounded awesome. And of course this is all about the drug lifestyle. I’ve been around drugs and druggies most of my life and seen how it can totally fuck you up if you let it take control.

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