Track By Tracks: SUNRISE - Equilibria (2021)

1. Wings Of The Dreamer:

Good old-school power metal key. The song is designed to open the album cheerfully and dynamically, and it is a little parallel with "Tower Of Fear" – the first track on the previous album of SUNRISE. The lyrics are very optimistic and uplifting – in the best traditions of the band (you’re just flying on your wings higher and higher in the sky to the new adventures). The guitar on "Wings Of The Dreamer" was played by Maksym Vityuk, and with his ideas, the song has received its fresh momentum.

2. Equilibrium:

The title track of the album. A bit experimental, with the new arranging elements and the conception of two vocalists changing each other in different parts, which is new for the band. The sound is modern and powerful and brings a new approach to the main power metal flow of the album. The song is about the balance of opposite things in our life. This idea has found a reflection in the official video, which will be released along with the album. The catchy guitar here is played by Stas Red Semilietov.

3. We Are The Fire​:

One more fast and dynamic song on the album. It runs through the ears and makes you feel like you’re driving the F-1 bolide at 200 km/h speed. The highest vocal parts on the album can be found here too. The lyrics are a bit rebellious and push you to an active way of life. The brilliant keyboard solo, played by Daria Naumenko, is attached.

4. Wild Swans:

One of the strong hits on the album (on band's and pre-listeners' opinions). Very melodic with a catchy chorus, it introduces the audience to the symphonic side of the album. The lyrics are based on "The Wild Swans" fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen.

5. Call My Name:

A bit of experimental song, where the blues manner of singing combines with the sound of a traditional Ukrainian bandura, revealing for the SUNRISE's fans unexpected Daria's skill of playing this instrument. The song is very dramatic and even pompous, it tells the love story, full of emotional impulse.

6. Unbroken Dreams:

The song initializes the progressive metal side of the album. The music, written by Stas Red Semilietov, sounds in a very new and unusual way for SUNRISE. It could be a little thunderbolt for the listener, who is tuned to the classic melodic metal flow of the album. The lyrics for this song are written by Michal Michalski (his lyrics you can also find in the songs of the Polish band Titanium). ​

7. Life Is A Journey:

This song returns you to the world of fast and classic power metal, where the band is trying to create the metal-opera-like feeling. For this track, SUNRISE has invited the guest vocalist from Slovakia and a good friend - Mayo Petranin, which is a member of Symphonity and Castaway bands. The lyrics are about the irrepressible aspiration to the journey and cognition of the world. There is also an experimental element in the song – the electronic beat, combined with power metal pressure. ​

8. The Only Reason:
This song is immersing us into the epic and a bit cinematic sound. It’s dramatic and not fast, based on the "Little Mermaid" fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen. And again the voice of Daria comes to the fore, forcing the listener to feel all the edges of the young mermaid's difficult destiny.

9. The Bridge Across Infinity:

One more song, written by Stas Red Semilietov, brings us to the progressive metal sphere one more time. The vocals of Laars and Daria are telling the story based on the creation of Richard Bach – "The Bridge Across Forever". This song was released a year ago as the first album single, and on 'Equilibria' you will find it in the remastered version.

10. The Shadow:

Another song based on the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen – this time, it's "The Shadow". Very symphonic and dynamic song, which returns us to the good old power metal with an operatic vibe.

11. The Bell​:

The song continues Andersen's course of the album, representing the eponymous fairytale. Very epic, symphonic, and dramatic, the track includes work of two guitarists at once – the rhythm part from Ieugene Kostiukevych, who played in SUNRISE in 2008-2010, and the rhythm/solo parts from Yuri Khizhnjak, also well-known by guitar performance on the band's live DVD ‘Through the Eyes of Infinity’.

12. Nightingale:

This one closes the cycle of the fairytales-based songs. The story of the king who misses his beloved nightingale is embodied in a melancholic and piercing metal song, which is already familiar to the band's fans from the live video with the orchestra, released in 2019.

13. Rebel Yell:

The final song of the album and the third one, written by Stas Semilietov. Once again it’s pulling the listener out from recognizable canvas of power metal and brings him to the depths of progressive with the influence of Dream Theater. Kind of surprising and intriguing song, which perfectly fits the final of the album. The lyrics are written by Michal Michalski in cooperation with Julia Kasperczyk. Members of SUNRISE promise that this song won’t leave you bored!

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