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Since 2014, Abysskvlt has been creating a fusion of classical funeral doom metal and Tibetan ritual music using authentic ancient musical instruments of the Bon tradition.

We made the first Thanatochromia album in the style of the classic funeral doom.
In the second album, Khaogenesis, we started experimenting with the sounds of traditional Tibetan instruments and mantras. We also invited a singer to perform female screaming parts.

Finally, in the new Phur g.Yang album, we have added even more Bon instruments, lyrics exclusively in Tibetan and Zhangzhung languages.

The new album includes four tracks:

This opening song Jhator describes an archaic sky burial ritual (jhator, bya-gtor, "bird-scattered") in Northern Tibet. Among other sounds, field recordings of real Tibetan funerals and the voices of feasting black vultures are used here. The next song called Nga-ri has several meanings: it literally translates from Tibetan as "I am Mountain", from ZhangZhung - "Emptiness", and it sounds more like the name of one Tibetan region - mNga'-ris. This song is dedicated to the contemplation and offering of honors to the great fourteen eight-thousanders Mountains, as well as to other sacred Bon mountains such as Kailash.

The third song called Phar means "Far" or "Out There" and tells about the transition of consciousness from the body to the bardo and further beyond Samsara.

The final track Mchod Rten tells the story of a person's departure from reality, and the fact that after him nothing remains on the earth except the stones on his mound. Mchod Rten (reading "chorten') denotes a memorial place, a place of worship, a stone obelisk, which is erected in memory of a person.

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